Since version 11.3 the DISLIN distributions can be used freely without any restrictions. Access to the source code is only availabe via a support contract.

The following support contracts are possible:

Support Contract


US Dollar

Single User (1 year)
50,- EUR
55 USD
Single User (3 years)
120,- EUR
132 USD
Multi User (1 year)
150,- EUR
165 USD
Multi User (3 years)
360,- EUR
396 USD


  • All prices above are final prices.
  • The contract period is one year or three years.
  • Multi User contracts are suitable for companies with multiple DISLIN users.
  • The contract allows a password protected access to the DISLIN source code and a preferred treatment of bug fixes and problem solution.
  • Payment for the support can be done with PayPal, by money transfer to a bank account, or by cheque.